Lost Tapes "Quoting Salter" CD

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Lost Tapes "Quoting Salter" CD

USA release date: Dec 4th
Also avaiblabe via Bandcamp
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1. Brilliance of a Language
2. Over You (Roxy Music)
3. The Attraction of the Opposites
4. The Bill (The Memory Fades remix) *
5. The Attraction of the Opposites (Radio edit) *

*bonus track available on CD

There is nothing bigger than thinking small. The Lost Tapes know that the treasure trove of pop lies buried in the smallest of details: in the acoustic strum of Brilliance of Language, in the synthetic lullaby of its reflective cover of Over You by Roxy Music, in the vocal caresses of The Attraction of the Opposites. These three songs make Quoting Salter, the new EP by Pau Roca and RJ Sinclair, an essential vessel to continue defending pop as a reason to get up every morning still believing in happiness. Even if it is at its most melancholic.

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